Applied Analysis & Technology, Inc.

"For over 25 years our firm has solved a host of design and analysis problems. We've also been meeting customers’ needs, adding value to their bottom line and at the completion of these projects we both gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment."

--- David Dearth, P.E.

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About Us : Introduction

Surfing the Technology wave into the 21st Century

Success in today's CAD and FEA deadline driven markets is often measured in minutes and hours, not months and years. Yet it's good to remember that REAL success is built on long-term relationships, consistency, and enduring standards as well as marketplace focus, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Applied Analysis & Technology looks to a bright future, we also look back on a rich history.

Enduring and prospering for over 20 years is a notable achievement. In the turbulent nineties, where change is the only constant, it's as remarkable an accomplishment for a corporation as an individual. The secret to longevity and growth for Applied Analysis & Technology lies in maintaining abreast of cutting edge technology, marketplace focus, customer satisfaction, and constant innovation.

From the time David Dearth founded this consulting firm in 1982, he has made a career in the engineering design, analysis and prototype development. He accumulated valuable insights and contacts by working for others before establishing an engineering consulting firm of his own. Between then and now, he has maintained a single marketplace focus – design and analysis engineering.


Applied Analysis & Technology is an engineering consulting firm founded on the concept of applying realistic recommendations to client requests for analysis and design. This fundamental concept and philosophy – the application of analysis and technology to solving engineering problems, upon which this firm is based. Applied Analysis & Technology provides a wide and comprehensive range of services from classical textbook analysis and environmental testing to state-of-the-art methods along with procedures to suit various client needs and budgets.

Listed below are a few brief outline summaries of the types of services offered by Applied Analysis & Technology along with a few words related to the company’s philosophy.
Some aspects of engineering professional services available suggesting your company can benefit from utilizing Applied Analysis & Technology for your engineering needs are:

ü  Extensive design and analysis experience in mechanical engineering, aerospace, computer peripherals, medical components, piping network analysis & design, custom software development and other high-tech related fields.


ü Ability to clearly define project assignments, communicate information effectively and meet scheduled completion dates.

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